Rock anchors consist of three main components: the anchor head, a steel tendon - divided into the bond section and free length - and the grout body.The steel tendon is a round steel bar with coarse, hot rolled thread ribs and can therefore be cut or joined at any desired point.

Anchor bolt support is a kind of reinforcement in some projects including the surface projects,side slope,geotechnical deep foundation pit and underground projects,the tunnel construction,mining and other underground cavern projects.Using the metal parts such as anchor bolt,wood,polymer or other material t make a bolt,then putting it into the drilling hole which is digged in advance in the surface of the rock mass or cavern surrounding rock mass.Making using of its head,the special structure of the bolt body and  the anchor plate(or not),or depending on the bonding effect of surrounding rock mass and the stable rock mass to reach to the effect of suspension, composite beams,reinforcement to achieve the purpose of supporting.Anchor bolt support has some advantages,such as low cost,good supporting effect,simple and flexible operation and less construction clearance.Anchor bolt is the most useful support in these materials

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