The self drilling rock bolt system has demonstrated that in the majority of medium strength soils ultimate loads in the range of 250 to 400 tonne can repeatedly be achieved. The system also has the advantage of being appropriate for use in environments previously considered unsuitable for traditional rock bolts.For projects facing geo-conditions above,rock bolts should be considered as the main solution cuz it's designed for optimized installation, tailored to the project's needs.Sinorock rock bolts are manufactured for underground or ground applications in mines, tunnels, slopes, or wherever reliable groundsupport is needed. And nowadays,more and more countries are investing in tunneling, infrastructure construction, hydroelectric projects,Sinorock rock bolts (friction bolts) are manufactured to a highest standard of quality. Rigid standards of quality are achieved by exhaustive quality control, testing and inspection procedures. Detailed drawings specify materials, dimensions, and tolerances. Every Split Set® is identified with model number, length, factory, rolling date, and heat lot of the steel.

InstallationFast, easy installation of our friction rock bolts reduces bolting. Rock bolts can be installed quickly, usually in less than a minute, 

using a jack drill, a stoper, a roof-bolting jumbo, or any other type of drill. Installation can be done in a few easy steps: 

Drill the hole.Replace the drill steel with a driver tool.Slide the plate on the tube.Drive the tube in with the drill / drifterRock Bolt Pull Tests Prove Sustained GripPull tests help verify the effectiveness of the stabilizers upon installation and over periods of time. Pull collars may be used on selected 

tubes for later testing.Sinorock specialises in the supply, installation and testing of rock bolts throughout the world.Our high quality rock bolts also work to 

stabilise foundations and support structures for excavation, making worksites safer. We work closely with geotechnical engineers to assist 

with project design and selection of anchor type after considerationWhether you need rock bolts installed, a retaining wall built, or geotechnical matting installed on a hard-to-reach cliff face,Sinorock can 

help. Head to our services page to learn more about the products and services we offer.