Self drilling anchor bolt system are made from a high yield micro alloy steel tubing. They are installed with the injection bored method. This method involves pressure pumping a cementious grout while the anchor itself is being drilled into the ground. There are many benefits to this method, one being the ease of installation. Because it is one step, and the grouting and drilling process are simultaneous, the installation is simple and fast. Another benefit of using self drilling anchor bolt is that this method allows the use of smaller equipment, meaning that it is easier to use self drilling anchor bolt and piles in low overhead, limited access areas where other types of bracketing systems may not be an option.  

Sinorock self drilling anchors are successfully used for anchoring in poor ground. Sinorock is a worldwide leader offering superior self drilling anchor systems, innovative solutions to anchor problems, and engineering and field services to its associates. Continuing to set the bar in earth anchoring innovation.

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