The Sinorock rock anchor is hollow design,and suits well to various kinds of ground conditions containing loose rocks,broken rocks,fracture zones,unconsolidable layers,sandy gravel and other complicated geological conditions. By the coverage of full length grout,the self drilling rock anchor provides a strong strength between rod body and surrounding rocks,as a result allowing for direct monitoring of the rock mass movement,which gives a full guarantee to the safety and peace of mind to the workers in the constructions.

The self drilling anchor system of Sinorock has a widely application, It is usually used to broken rock,loose soil and conditions which difficult to drill holes,such as fracture zones,decayed rock,gravel ect.Especially in the sand gravel stratum, using the traditional method of anchoring, the low probability of pore formation makes it difficult to grout and anchor lately and also increases construction costs.

Whether used in cohesive or non-cohesive ground, the Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt can be grouted and then stressed and locked off with a hexagonal nut and plate. Advantages are: similar installation for all ground conditions; no casing required; fast drilling and anchoring in a single operation; choice of bits and anchor loads; and hollow core for high-volume flushing and grouting.