Sinorock supplies self drilling rock anchors , which is a finished steel product used to strengthen concrete for large-scale construction projects. Our products help make bridges, highways, major sports stadiums, high-rise buildings, and other large structures sturdier, safer, and more durable across the vast world’s market.

At this time, self drilling anchor bolt shows its superiority, which can adapt to a variety of complex geological conditions and construction environment, particularly in the soft soil and sand gravel stratum. 

Five performances about self drilling anchor.

1.Self drilling anchors is made of seamless steel pipe,whose surface is processed into thread, which can make it drilling, grouting and anchoring at the same time during the construction process.

2. Self drilling anchors matches kinds of drill bits with specific properties, applicable to all types of formations.

3. It uses mechanical cutting technology for processing high-strength couplings, which makes self drilling anchors has extended while drilling. It is able to use a longer self drilling anchor in a small construction space.

4. As a result of using the self drilling anchor as a drill rob, there is no need pre-grouting and using a casing.

5. Grouting is convenient and compact, increasing anchoring strength. Easy to use and have a higher construction speed.

The Sinorock Self drilling rock anchor system is designed for use in various applications, including tunnel repair and refurbishment and also slope and cliff face reinforcement. It provides the optimal solution for nailing, bolting, micro piling and as ground anchors for use in difficult ground and rock conditions. The system comprises of high quality fittings matched to rope threaded seamless steel tube which is threaded to ISO 2008.The self drilling rock anchor system enables drilling and grouting of the anchor in one operation, making a saving in on-site and project time.