Sinorock has an outstanding reputation in their field providing a high level of technology, quality, service and value.Sinorock plays a very active role in insuring the satisfaction of our customers. Sinorock utilizes over 155 employees to offer our customers over 250 different varieties of anchoring engineerings.

Sinorock Self drilling rock bolt can be used in a variety applications. Use of the self drilling rock bolt in new construction will create a strong foundation before building begins. If soil conditions under a building have changed or an original foundation is not strong enough, self drilling rock bolts are used for underpinning and for building settlement and stabilization.

Self-drilling bolts offer an ideal, flexible solution for earth retention systems. When subterranean reinforcements give way, bolts can be used to resist lateral pressure. Bolts can be used to stabilize damaged and failing earth retention walls.

Nowadays, with the development of global economy, there are so many companies developing and selling self drilling rock bolt. As the same trade company, Sinorock continuously researches and develops new technologies, and we tries to be the most professional self drilling anchor manufacturer.