Sinorock hollow anchor bar is a sort of hollow bar that makes grouting and anchoring can be done simultaneously,it can also provide an excellent effect on various kinds of complex conditions,such as soft soils,loose rock,fractured zones and so on.The injection hollow bar is versatile in the projects of mining,tunneling,transportation,kinds of foundation support and national defense ect.

The hollow anchor bar is applicable to medium and good ground conditions and is perfect for permenent support,pressure grouting from rock bolt can stabilize broken rocks and prevent underground water to keep rock bolt from corrosion.These can provide support for the stabilty of surrounding soils.

The tension test of the self drilling hollow anchor bar,which is one of the way to test the quality and tension of anchor bolt.Before the anchor bolt is covered by cement grout,the tension can be directely tested by using tension meter and torque wrench.Grip bolt and give pressure slowly until it up to up to a number the same the desired one or the anchor bolt start to loose,and the destruction test is generally not to be considered.

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