Automated serial manufacture of anchors, manufacture of ground and anchor bolts, and their accessories under the highest standards of quality control. The products are manufactured under the strict supervision of the Company's engineers, their materials are of superior quality and meet the obligatory standards requirements.

Development of the importation and marketing of geotechnical products, including self drilling anchor, ground and anchor bolts, and anchor monitoring instrumentation.

Sinorock self drilling anchor system are cylindrical fasteners that are used to connect objects and structural elements to concrete.They may be used for everything from holding a home to its foundations to attaching heavy industrial machinery to a factory floor.Self drilling anchors are also used in prefabricated panel construction.In this type on construction ,Self drilling anchors are used to connect structrual frames together.This is only a fraction of possible uses for Self drilling anchors.

Our experience is extensive, and our culture is one of ownership. As a anchoring company of employee owners, we work with the unity of family and the determination of business owners. We take greater responsibility for quality, safety, production and innovation because we share directly in the Company’s success.